Tuesday September 30th 2014

School News

ML Teacher Runs in Boston »

Sophia Duke-Mosier ‘15 On April 21, 2014, Mountain Lakes High School’s own French teacher and [...]

Weather Hampers Six Flags »

Phoebe Duke-Mosier ’15 On Wednesday, April 16, MLHS Physics students embarked on the school’s 23rd [...]

Budget Passes! BOE Results »

Natalie Kane ‘14 On April 23, Mountain Lakes residents had the opportunity to vote in the annual [...]




Why Hollywood Needs More Lupita »

Why Hollywood Needs More Lupita Nyong’os

Photo by Christian MacDonald Sophia Duke-Mosier ’15 Twelve or fourteen months ago, if you hadn’t known Lupita Nyong'o’s name, I might have [Read More]


Happiness is »

Sophia Duke-Mosier ‘15 On April 19, 2014, MLHS junior Rose Kostak returned from [...]

Oscar Worthy Movies… Oscar Worthy »

Lauren Oey '14 Captain Phillips So, you wanted to be a pirate after watching Pirates of [...]


Divergent: Does Not Diverge From »

Divergent:  Does Not Diverge From the Novel

Poster by Summit Entertainment, Lions Gate Natalie Kane '14 It seems that one benefit of the recent trend of adapting every popular young adult series for the big screen is that Hollywood is starting to get better at it. As a bookworm, I tend to stick firmly to the [Read More]

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