Rethinking Tradition: Questioning Homecoming’s Future

Phoebe Duke-Mosier ’15 explores one of MLHS’s longest-standing traditions.


Food Fight

Sarah Chapman ’16 and Grace Chuan ’17 share contrasting views on MLHS’ latest club: The Food Enlightenment Society.

Alyssa Sebesto 15

Spring Sports Update

It’s spring sports time! Read about MLHS’ baseball, track, LAX, and boys’ tennis teams.

dark health

Survivors, Not Attention-Seekers: A Look at Depression

Amanda Xu ’18 and Natalie Ruddy ’15 draw attention to the long-neglected and tersely-debated issue of mental health.

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MLHS Running and Winning: Inspiring Girls to Take Control

Last month’s Running and Winning event inspired MLHS girls to strive for power in politics and in life.


MLHS Has Got Talent!

Dancers, singers, and beat-boxers . . . MLHS has got serious talent.



Get ready to see your future.


Freshman Survival Guide Pt. 2

A collection of great tips FOR freshmen BY freshmen.

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MLHS Celebrity Look-Alikes

The halls of MLHS look just like the Hollywood Walk of Fame with these celebrity doppelgangers!

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Teachers Surprisingly Have Lives

Ever wondered what teachers do outside of the hallowed halls of Mountain Lakes?