Thursday April 24th 2014

School News

Think Pink, Come See the MLHS Spring Musical! Think Pink, Come See the MLHS »

Natalie Kane ’14 The snow may not be melting any time soon, but believe it or not it’s already [...]

Cozy Entertainment at MLHS »

Natalie Kane ‘14 On Friday, February 7, the school lobby was barely recognizable. A small [...]

Another Strong Year for Mock »

Staff The Mock Trial Season recently ended with a loss at the quarterfinals. The daunting case this [...]




What’s in a Valentine? »

What’s in a Valentine?

Rachel Cheng’17 and Emma DiGiovanni’17 The 14th of February has come to pass, a date otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. [Read More]


Oscar Worthy Movies… Oscar Worthy »

Lauren Oey ‘14 Captain Phillips So, you wanted to be a pirate after watching Pirates [...]

Don’t Get Distracted, Buy Tickets to the MLHS Fall Play! Don’t Get »

Image credit Natalie Kane '14 Mountain Lakes High School students [...]


The Book Thief Wrenches »

Rachel Cheng ‘17 One thing you should take away from this article: do not watch the movie if you have not read the book. The book is much better than the movie, in that words can depict things that the eye could never see on its own. The descriptive language in The [Read More]

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