Transgender sign

Thoughts on the Transgender Policy

The Mountaineer provides personal insight into the transgender policy with an exclusive interview with Quinn Michaels.


Talent Show

Read the highlights of MLHS’s impressive biannual talent show!


Class of 2016 Meets the Bronx Zoo

Catch up on the seniors’ trip to the Bronx Zoo.

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Ever Wondered How to Catch a Feral Cat?

Look mommy, a feral cat!

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Why Poetry Matters

Carina Pizzano ’16 rediscovers her love for poetry.


Summer Tunes

Ready to greet summer with open arms? Listen to the Mountaineer staff’s songs for the summer!


Letter to My Freshman Self

Clare Glavin ’17 writes what she wishes she could have told her younger self.


High School-College Relationships

Do relationships between high schoolers and college students ever work? MLHS students weigh in.

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The Jungle Book Comes to Life

The 1967 classic has been revamped, and it’s a must-see!


Why Are We So Obsessed with College Admissions?

Three students have their own theories as to the cause of college admissions mania (hint: blame capitalism).