RUSH Is Back

Rebecca Hadjiloucas ’11

Rush, the legendary Canadian rock band is back in action with two new singles released earlier this month. The band incorporated their signature style and philosophy with a new, indescribable “freshness,” that only these iconoclastic musicians could accomplish.

“Caravan” and “BU2B” are off Rush’s new album, Clockwork Angels, to be released next spring after the completion of the 2010 Time Machine Tour. Both were recorded on April 13, 2010 in Nashville, and produced by Nick Raskulinecz. Raskulinecz also worked with Rush on their last album, Snakes and Arrows, which was released in 2007 to much critical acclaim.

Neil Peart has stated that the singles are a part of an “extended album-length story.” Rush’s 2112 was also an extended story based on a dystopian society devoid of individuality and personal liberty, inspired by Ayn Rand’s Anthem.  Clockwork Angels is expected to be an instant cult favorite, and follow along the same lines as 2112. While Geddy Lee’s voice is slightly less shocking, it maintains the middle-earthen wonder and mystery from past albums with an added clarity, though his spontaneous screams of banshee-like zeal are deeply missed.

As always, Neil Peart’s lyrics incorporate a greater, metaphorical application. However, the complete message is difficult to interpret with just the two singles. Greater enlightenment will have to wait until next spring for the release of the full album.

Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson have clearly turned the magic up to 11. With the release of their award winning documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage, paired with the 2010 tour and album release, Rush will expectantly gain a wider audience. However, a greater fan base usually means a greater chance for musical demagoguery. I hope that the glittering prizes and endless compromises will not shatter their integrity. Nevertheless, one thing is certain; Rush has proven that rock is very much alive.

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