MLHS Welcomes Ms. Ahn

Maddy DiGiovanni ’13

Ms. Ahn, Ms. Luberto, and Mr. Stultz

Credit: Mountaineer Staff

How many teachers do you know who are listed on IMDb? Teachers who have been jumped over by acrobats? Teachers who have dressed up as an alien? Ms. Pamela Ahn, a new MLHS faculty member, has done all of these things! After graduating from Cornell, Ms. Ahn interned at the Late Show with David Letterman, where she accumulated this exciting résumé. Luckily for MLHS, she left the entertainment industry to become a teacher.

“My favorite part about teaching,” she says, “is talking about books, getting to share what I’m passionate about, and seeing people learn and develop.” She prefers one-on-one discussions, feeling that they are “much more revealing.” She dislikes grading essays, and wishes for longer class periods, remarking that it is “always a struggle, trying to get everything squashed into one period.”

In addition to her sophomore English classes, Ms. Ahn also teaches the Creative Writing and Public Speaking electives. The Creative Writing class will be attending the Dodge Poetry Festival this year and hopefully collaborating with the school’s literary magazine, The Phoenix. If she could teach any other class, she says it would be Film Studies, currently taught by Mr. Jerome Leonardi. “He really knows his stuff,” says Ms. Ahn. “He’s very entertaining.”

Though this is only her first year teaching, Ms. Ahn has already developed a knack for creating the perfect class discussions. Instead of constantly asking questions and prompting answers, she allows the thoughtful silences to linger, nudging the students to comment on their own. With her contagious enthusiasm and warm personality, Ms. Ahn is a fast favorite. “Oh my gosh, Ms. Ahn is the best!” says junior Aly Wolpov.