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Food Fight

Sarah Chapman ’16 and Grace Chuan ’17 share contrasting views on MLHS’ latest club: The Food Enlightenment Society.

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Survivors, Not Attention-Seekers: A Look at Depression

Amanda Xu ’18 and Natalie Ruddy ’15 draw attention to the long-neglected and tersely-debated issue of mental health.


Gender Disparity in Clubs

Do more girls than boys participate in high school clubs?

Beyond Bullying: Living an Authentic Life

The rising visibility of trans individuals provide a lesson to the rest of us on surmounting bullies and staying true to ourselves.


Apple Branches Out With Emojis

Apple’s ethnic diversification of Emojis receives both approval and criticism.


The Changing Media Images of Women

Women are beginning to claim more of a role in the mass media but we’re still a far cry from where we need to be.

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The Decline of Social Interaction

Technology could mean the end of the human race.

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Are Standardized Tests Up to Standards?

Is standardized testing a student’s worst enemy?

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Leelah Alcorn: An American Tragedy

The heart-breaking death of a teenage girl and another life lost to transgender discrimination.


Glasses: Survival of the Smartest?

Darwin’s theory of evolution may explain why glasses are a hallmark of intelligence.