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Racial Debates Hit Home

Racially controversial occurrences spark debates at home and across the United States.


Feminism at MLHS: an Inquiry

Exploring perceptions (and misperceptions) of feminism at Mountain Lakes and beyond.


Why Humans of ML Should Care About Humans of NY

With a camera and a question, HONY breaks the barriers on human interaction.


The Forgotten Few: MLHS’s Non-athletes

Why extracurriculars and sports are of equal importance.

Teenage Student Studying Hard

High School Musings: How to Conquer

It’s all about perspective.

The Case Against #bringbackourgirls

by Phoebe Duke-Mosier ’15 By now, the story behind #bringbackourgirls is universally familiar, though the details may be a bit fuzzy. On the night of April 14, militants affiliated with Boko…

Sterling Case: Privacy vs. Ignorance?

Photo by Ronald Martinez Lauren Oey ’14 The Los Angeles Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling has recently gained infamy for his racist comments in a private conversation with his mistress, Vanessa…

Why Hollywood Needs More Lupita Nyong’os

Photo by Christian MacDonald [Vogue] Sophia Duke-Mosier ’15 Twelve or fourteen months ago, if you hadn’t known Lupita Nyong’o’s name, I might have forgiven you. But today, if you are…

Is America Ready for a Female President?

Samantha Ratakonda ’15 Is America ready for a woman president? Change is a hard thing to accept but the American people have already accepted change once before – in 2008…

Christie’s Watergate??

Cameron Wangsness ’17     (Bramhall. Gov Throws His Weight Around: Expect Delays. 2014. New York. Blue Republican. New York News, 10 Jan. 2014. Web. 6 Feb. 2014.) February 6th 2014- The…